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cPDNSSEC Standard Edition for cPanel with PowerDNS

We are glad to announce the release of our newest innovation from our Research and Development team – cPDNSSEC. With DNS security as its prime goal, cPDNSSEC is crafted to work with that all new PowerDNS and to offer an uncontested ease of access with a WHM GUI.

This plugin makes migration of the nameserver to the PowerDNS fully automatic and achievable in just a matter of clicks. The integration of registrar API makes it possible for you to publish the DS records to multiple registrars from the plugin interface itself.

cPDNSSEC is about to become the best answer for webhosts who provides domain registration and need DNSSEC. With an established compatibility with PowerDNS which eliminates the need to manually re-sign (as opposed to BIND), cPDNSSEC support all standardized DNSSEC algorithms.


SSL Encryption has become Inevitable.


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