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Byjo John:
A-AST DNSSEC cPanel WHM Plugin from Admin-Ahead Research Labs is out ! We have seen requests for this Plugin from 2011 and since this comes under PCI Compliance, we believe this is essential to many web hosts as well as security concerned Organizations / Individuals. We know many have questions as to what DNSSEC is and its importance and since the web is crawling with this information, we better link you to the website that explains it well : ICANN WEBSITE Back to our cPanel Plugin, we have fully automated the entire DNSSEC process for anyone using cPanel WHM.

Main Features:
* Sign/Un-sign/Re-sign a single zone.
* SIgn/Un-sign/Re-sign multiple zones.
* Sign/Un-sign/Re-sign all zones.
* Automatically resigns zones when changes are detected.
* Automatically Re-sign every zones periodically before it expires.
* 24/7 Support from the Admin-Ahead Team via Chat and Email.
Versions Released :

Version 1.0.2 released:
* Settings tab from which algorithm can be selected.Version 1.0.4 released:
* Minor Bug Fixes.
* Improvement in management of Keys - Introduced display of KSK and ZSK Keys for every signed zones.
Price Per Month : 2.99 $ USD

Supported OS :
Centos 6 & 7 , RHEL 6 &7

Supported cPanel versions :
WHM 11.38 and above


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