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Author Topic: Admin-Ahead Realtime File Upload Scanner  (Read 15221 times)

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Admin-Ahead Realtime File Upload Scanner
« on: June 21, 2017, 04:31:25 pm »
The A-AST Realtime File Upload Scanner for cPanel enables you to monitor all files uploaded via HTTP/FTP to your website. The majority of the hackers use exploits like PHP Shells uploaded to your website using PHP forms / PHP vulnerabilities and further exploit your server to gain root access. This cPanel Plugin however renders these attempts futile and saves you from a possible hack.

Features of RTFUS

* Real time scanning of all HTTP and FTP uploads using ClamAV.
* Rejects automatically if a Virus file is found.
* Logs all upload in the plugin with the information below:
            IP address of the Uploader and uploading time.
            Script which was used to upload the file.
            Uploaded file name and the location of upload.
            Result of ClamAV scanning.

* Option to automatically reject the file which is having a specific extension.
* If an upload using HTTP is identified as vulnerable, the software disables the same.
* Monitor all FTP uploads and logs all upload in the plugin with the information below:
          IP address of the uploader and uploading time.
          Username of the uploader.
          Uploaded file name and size.
          Result of ClamAV scanning.

* If an upload using FTP is identified, the uploaded file is deleted and no errors are shown to the uploader.
* Uploader will not be able to find the file in its location.
* The plugin also enables to use ClamAV scanning on selected Plesk accounts or as an entire Server.
* Have the option to view the scanning status at a later date.

Price Per Month :
3.49 $ USD

Compatibilities and Dependencies

Supported OS :

  • Centos 6 & 7 , RHEL 6 &7
Supported cPanel versions :
  • WHM 11.38 and above
Dependencies :
  • Enable ioncube loader. For this follow the steps below:
          Login to your WHM interface >> Tweak Settings >> PHP >> enable ioncube loader
  • mod_security must be installed in the server for Filter mode to work.
  • inotify-tools
  • inotify watcher limit = "100000" or higher