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Author Topic: Admin-Ahead RKHunter cPanel WHM Plugin  (Read 15792 times)

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Admin-Ahead RKHunter cPanel WHM Plugin
« on: June 22, 2017, 01:53:17 am »
Security scanning and management is made a lot easier with this popular RKHunter WHM plugin. Say goodbye to all shell activity. With just a click, this plugin helps you to install RKHunter on your server, run a server scan to identify rootkits, detect vulnerabilities, and view the results as well with ease from your WHM area. This Interface also has the option to schedule server scanning daily, and you can view the result at any convenient time. You can also update your RKHunter version from inside your WHM itself. It also includes a new improved GUI with easy accessibility to our support portal. Download and install your version of the latest A-AST RKHunter cPanel WHM Plugin from the Admin-Ahead Team.

Main Features:
  • Scan your Server for Vulnerabilities.
  • Update RKHunter Malware definitions with a click.
  • Update RKHunter Version with a click.
  • Get instant free server consultation.

Last Update (3.1) :
  • Support of newer cPanel/WHM version 62.0 (build 15)
  • The newer version of cPanel/WHM has deprecated one of the Perl modules which our plugin had depended on for functioning. With the latest version v3.1, our plugin works independent of the deprecated module and Admin-Ahead RKHunter Plugin for cPanel now works on the newer and older cPanel versions alike.

Price Per Month : 0.99 $ USD

Supported OS :
Centos 6 & 7 , RHEL 6 &7

Supported cPanel versions :
WHM 11.38 and above

Dependencies :
Ioncube loader
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