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Author Topic: cPShield-v2, The All-in-one cPanel plugin  (Read 43366 times)

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cPShield-v2, The All-in-one cPanel plugin
« on: October 31, 2017, 12:41:17 pm »
cPShield-v2 :: A plugin for cPanel security, monitoring and management

Admin-Ahead's cPShield-v2 is the new and enhanced version of cPshield :: All In One Security Plugin for cPanel WHM. Being an extensive one-stop tool for cPanel security, this cPanel plugin comes with an exclusive license for use in Virtual Servers and Dedicated servers. Along with the GUI to manage Linux Malware Detect(LMD), RKHunter, Advanced Policy Firewall(APF) and Brute Force Detection (BFD) cPShield-v2 brings you Malware scanning, monitoring and quarantining, Mail queue monitoring and management, SSH Hardening, IP reputation check and essential server statistics with email alert notifications.

This enhanced GUI puts no restriction on the number of domains.


  • View current, weekly and monthly server CPU load and split based on each day's performance.
  • A complete summary of Server Load, Mail Count, Reputation Status and Number of Malware infections found.
  • Refresh the page to view the latest updated statistics of the server.

Malware Scan
  • Scan Now Scan All user accounts or custom directories
  • View Most Recent Scan result
  • Monitoring Enable Monitoring of Selected Users or Custom Directories for Malware Infections, and set monitoring interval
  • View and manage previous scan report and Quarantine reports and also you can delete the infected files
  • Setting Now you can set specifics directories and file extensions can be exempt from scanning. Set email alert for completed scans or when malware is detected
  • Scan, using the rich GUI enabled RKhunter, now either you can scan for possible rootkit infections in the server and scan for possible vulnerabilities in the server.
  • Scan Logs, now you can view both recent scan logs and report of the daily scan.
  • Settings, You can set an email for to get an alert of scan and also you can add/remove daily scan cron. Update of RKhunter from the GUI interface.
  • Mail Queue, Keep control over spamming with Mail queue monitoring, management, and detailed statistics. View details of emails in the queue and remove selected emails easily using the interface. Also, you can check the details of the mail header, size, body, and the mail queue count.
  • Frozen mails can be viewed and cleared as well. Now you can view the content of header, body and from details. With one click you can clear all frozen mails from the queue.
  • Mail stat, With 18 elaborate statistics along with List of errors help you to view and learn about your mail server health. You can also find the details like a grand total summary of mail Received, Delivered and rejected with help of both numeric and graphical representations.
  • Monitor, there are also options to monitor mail queue and set email alerts at an interval of your choice, Queue Maximum count and Cron in minutes.
  • Rules, now you can add Firewall rules for an IP. You can add Port, Rule, Protocol with a matter of click.
  • Configuration, now you can change firewall configurations files from the GUI itself and you can update it using "Update&Restart" option from the bottom.
  • Port, You can manage Inbound and Outbound TCP/ UDP port.
  • Settings, You can turn firewall(APF/BDF) on and off and restart.
SSH Hardening
  • Disable Root, Now you can disable root login and create a sudo user instead of root. Manage the sudo user details like edit/view/remove.
  • Change Port, now either you can customise the SSH login port or to choose a random port.
  • Reset SSH, Change to default SSH configuration with one click.
  • Monitoring, You can set an email alert for root login.
  • IP Reputation, View and check the reputation status of the IP addresses within your server.
  • Domain Reputation, View and check the reputation status of all domains hosted within your server.
  • System Info, View statistics of Uptime that include Current Uptime, Actual Uptime, Logged in Users, Load Average of the server. We can also set an email to alert when the treshold load limit reach.
  • SSH Access Log, now you can check history details of Users that are logged into the server through SSH.
  • WHM Access Log, now you can check history details of Users that are logged into the server through WHM interface.