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Byjo John:
Admin-Ahead's RKHunter Parallels Plesk Extension/Module is your answer for accessing and managing the complete power of RKHunter to hunt down rootkits that remains in your server undetected by web-application firewalls or the like. The plugin gives a Plesk Administrator the ability to run RKHunter from inside their Plesk Admin Panel. Our RKHunter for cPanel, which has been recieving reviews as the most reliable, has become a great success and currently runs on more than 2000 servers since its release. This was our motivation to create something similar for for Plesk. The Plesk Extension of our RKHunter Installer comes with 24/7 support from the Admin-Ahead Team via chat and email. Admin-Ahead's RKHUnter is the result of overcoming various challenges including the access restrictions that are built into Odin Plesk.

Main Features:
* Installs RKHunter.
* Daily Cron for automated scan.
* Manual Scan.
* Last log viewer.
* RKHunter update from inside the admin panel.
* Cron Log viewer.
* Disable / Enable Cron.
Price Per Month : 2.49 $ USD

Supported OS :
Centos 6 & 7 , RHEL 6 &7 , Ubuntu, Debian 6 & 7

Supported Plesk versions :
Plesk 12 and above


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