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Author Topic: Turn your Linux Desktop into a Mac!  (Read 3036 times)

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Turn your Linux Desktop into a Mac!
« on: December 14, 2013, 08:05:22 pm »
Hi guys,

Ever wondered if you could change your Desktop into Mac desktop?    ::)

Well, to use a Mac desktop do we need to buy a mac computer! Or are there any other way to experience a mac desktop? Of course there is!  ;D

If your a Linux user (If your not then get it  ;), it not like buying a mac, Linux is free) and if you want to experience Mac, then you better get the help of Mac 4 Lin! 

Mac 4 Lin is used to take the MAC OSX user interface into Unix based ((GNU/LInux, FreeBSD, openSolaris etc.) system which have desktops based on GTK. So if you have linux just go for it! Not so difficult to install, as now Mac 4 Lin have a script which installs it automatically, just run the script and see whats happening!

1. Download Mac 4 Lin from the link below:

2. Extract the content

3. Open the terminal and navigate to the extracted folder
    (If its on the desktop cd ~/Desktop/Mac4Lin_v1.0)

4. Then run the install script by running ./

5. Then the script will install some components, after that it will ask you to give permission
    to install other components which need administrative access: The following
    components require root access. You can opt out of installing them as they can be
    manually installed as well.

    Would you like to install these components [y/n]?

6. As they say you can install them manually, but if you don’t know how to install manually
    then type y and give the script permission to install them.

7. If you select “yes” then the script will ask for your password, then give the password

8. That's it  8)

Try at your own risk ;)   :D

Thanks for your time :)