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Author Topic: How to fix Apache cannot be started with the error “(98)Address already in use  (Read 3097 times)

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Apache cannot be started with the error “(98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address [::]:443 no listening sockets available, shutting down

First of all make sure that the “Listen” directive is specified only once in the Apache configuration for one port. Check the httpd.conf and conf.d/* files in order to find it (on some OSes,  /etc/apache2/* should be checked).

Next, try to determine which process uses the port with the following command:

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# /usr/sbin/lsof -i | grep http
httpd 14234 apache 4u IPv6 9672930 TCP *:https (LISTEN)

This command shows that the “TCP *:https ” port is used by “httpd” process with PID  14234

Such a problem may occur if Apache failed to stop properly. You need to kill this process and start Apache again. If you see that some another program uses the 443 port, you need to find from where it was
started and determine what it is because it could be a malicious script.


# cat /proc/14234/cmdline

to find a command line with which this process was started. (14234 is the process’ PID). Then kill the process.