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Author Topic: Advantages and Disadvantages of Hardware Firewall  (Read 15669 times)

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Vineesh K P

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Hardware Firewall
« on: November 18, 2018, 03:29:14 pm »
In this post, we will check the advantages and disadvantages or Hardware Firewalls.


  • Speed: Normally, the hardware firewalls are tailored for faster response times, and hence handle more traffic loads.
  • Security: A firewall with its own operating system (proprietary) is less prone for attacks. This, in turn, reduces the security risk. In addition, hardware firewalls have enhanced security controls.
  • No Interference: A box, that is separated from other network components can be managed better, and does not load or slow down other applications. The box can be moved, shutdown, or reconfigured with minimal interference to the network.[/size]


  • Cost. Normally, a dedicated hardware firewall costs more than a software firewall.
  • Difficult to install, and upgrade.
  • Takes up physical space, and involves wiring.