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Author Topic: Google Shell.  (Read 6935 times)

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Google Shell.
« on: October 23, 2013, 11:45:14 pm »
A command line interface on the web for several Google services.
Goosh allows you to quickly search Google web, images, news and Wikipedia search.
The output is presented in a very nice readable command line environment.

Goto in your browser

DIfferent commands used in Google Shell.'s the all commands  in the shell

2.Same as in unix/linux  we can find out the man page by

man "command name"


Shows the current shell settings

eg settings result 10 :Changes the search result to 10 or h : gives the commands and its syntax

5.s "keyword to search" : Search google for the keyword.

6.v "Search Keyword" : Searches and shows the You-tube videos.

7.b  "Search Keyword" : Searches Blogs results.

8.lucky  "search keyword" : Gives the first result for the search keyword Automatically.

9.more :Gives the  next set of URL' for your last search.

10.i "search Keywords" : Searches Google images for the "search Keyword".

NB: This is a unofficial Google Shell.
Explore it and enjoy!!!!