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Author Topic: Hyper-Threading Technology  (Read 4906 times)

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Hyper-Threading Technology
« on: November 07, 2013, 05:09:05 pm »
Hyper-Threading Technology is a performance feature which allows one core on the processor to appear like 2 cores to the operating system. This doubles the execution resources available to the O/S, which potentially increases the performance of your overall system.

System requirements

* A processor that supports IntelĀ® HT Technology
* Intel HT Technology enabled chipset
* Intel HT Technology enabled system BIOS
* Intel HT Technology enabled/optimized operating system

To enable Hyper-Threading feature, follow the steps given below:-

Boot the System into BIOS -> goto Advanced -> CPU Configuration -> INTEL HT technology -> ENABLED

Finally Save and Exit the BIOS settings and wait for your system to reboot. Hyper-Threading should be enabled now.

NB: If you have a supported platform and Hyper-Threading is enabled,you should see twice the number of CPUs as you have physical cores in your platform. To verify this, you can view your CPU information using the Task Manager in Windows, and /proc/cpuinfo in Linux.