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Author Topic: Mount LVM Partition in Rescue Mode  (Read 24926 times)

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Mount LVM Partition in Rescue Mode
« on: December 03, 2013, 01:10:41 am »

To mount LVM  partitions in rescue mode follow the below simple steps :

  • Boot the machine with Centos installation  CD and type linux rescue at the prompt to boot into  the rescue mode and once done that you will be asked to  configure/enable network interfaces and then to mount the filesystem,  you can skip both and after skipping you will get a shell prompt.
  • Scan the physical volumes using pvscan
Code: [Select]
sh:  pvscan : command not found

You will get the above errors because the direct lvm commands like pvscan,lvscan are not available in rescue mode instead you can use lvm pvscan and this will  work fine  for you.

Code: [Select]
#lvm  pvscan
This will  scan the physical volumes.  Then use:

Code: [Select]
#lvm vgscan
  • To  scan volume groups:

Code: [Select]
#lvm lvscan
  • To scan logical volumes :

Code: [Select]
#lvm lvs --all
  • To  list  logical volumes:

Code: [Select]
#vgchange -a y [volgroup00]
This will  activate the volgroup00

or use
Code: [Select]
#vgchange -a yto activate  all  volume groups

  • Once all Volume groups activated then  you can mount them as :

Code: [Select]
#mount /dev/volumegroup/logicalvoulme /mountpoint