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Author Topic: Configure MySQL thread_cache_size  (Read 6948 times)

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Configure MySQL thread_cache_size
« on: November 08, 2018, 09:17:21 am »

Configure MySQL thread_cache_size

This parameter sets the amount of thread for cache purposes. If client disconnects, his thread are kept in the cache. If the requests are less than the  thread_cache_size then threads that stored in cache will serve the requests.

To find the thread cache hit rate,

Kindly access Mysql and enter the following commands.

mysql> show status like 'Threads_created';
mysql> show status like 'Connections';

Now use the following formula to calculate the thread cache hit rate percentage:

100 - ((Threads_created / Connections) * 100)

In this case it is --->>> 100 - ((26/4304) * 100 ) = 99.39

The most useful thing  is that the thread_cache_size can be dynamically changed without having to restart the MySQL service.