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Configuring the Registry entries for Time Sync Service


This KB describes how to adjust synchronize the time frequency under Windows VM.

1) Go to Start, run Regedit

2) The registry values listed in this article are located in the following registry key:


Normally, W32Time will poll (make a time request) on a floating interval, based on the quality of the time samples being returned by the time source. You can however specify a static interval that the time service will syncronize on. This value is in seconds. For example, if you set a of 3600, the time service will syncronize every hour (60 minutes * 60 seconds).

Edit the value upon your needs. Then close it.

3) Restart the w32time services to take effect.

Running under command prompt

--- Code: ---> net stop w32time && net start w32time
--- End code ---

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