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How to install AWS CLI on Microsoft Windows


The AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) is a tool provided by AWS to manage your AWS services.

Firstly you need to download the MSI files from the AWS. Please follow below link for download:

> Download the AWS CLI MSI installer for Windows (64-bit)
> Download the AWS CLI MSI installer for Windows (32-bit)

Please make sure you download the MSI installer as per your windows architecture 32 to 64 Bit.

Step 2:
Once downloaded run the MSI file and follow the instruction as per execution.

Step 3:
Location of the installation.

C:\Program Files\Amazon\AWSCLI —> (64-bit)
C:\Program Files (x86)\Amazon\AWSCLI —> (32-bit)

Step 4:
Confirmation of installation. To confirm that, we have down with installation use below command:

--- Code: ---aws –version
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---aws-cli/1.11.84 Python/3.6.2 Windows/7 botcore/1.5.47
--- End code ---

This confirms that we have successfully performed the activity to install AWS Command Line Interface on windows.


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