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Author Topic: How to migrate SMS 2003 packages to SCCM 2007  (Read 2419 times)

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How to migrate SMS 2003 packages to SCCM 2007
« on: March 01, 2014, 06:57:41 am »
How to migrate SMS 2003 packages to SCCM 2007

I was searching for the options to SMS 2003 packages to SCCM 2007 ang came across an this  article which has a nice info regarding the same .

As per the author following are the option we can consider:

Option A:
1. Build a new SMS server and attach it to the current central server.
2. Packages and collections will get replicated automatically.
3. Detach the server from the existing hierarchy.
4. Upgrade the server to SCCM.

Option B:
There is a tool from Microsoft called “CopySCCMObj” which you can get from your Microsoft TAM. It will help you migrate not only Packages but also Collections and Advertisements.

Option C :
1.Install SMS 2003 SP2 on new server.
2.Attach new SMS 2003 SP2 site as a child site.
3.Let objects replicate.
4.Break Parent – Child relationship.
5.Upgrade new Site to SCCM 2007 .
6.Install KB945898.
7.Migrate clients to new site.
8.Remove boundaries from original site.
9.Add boundaries to new site.
10.Decommission original site .
11.Migrate non-replicating objects (queries/reports).

Option D :
1. Take the backup of SMS central server.
2. Restore that in LAB environment.
3. Upgrade it to SCCM.
4. Build another SCCM server with the site code and name (which you are planning for new SCCM hierarchy) and attach it to the central server.
5. All the packages and collections will get replicated.
6. Take the backup of the later SCCM server and restore it in production environment.