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Install SSL in Windows manually from IIS


Install SSL in Windows manually from IIS

IIS  supports only .pfx files, ie., you can only import certificates of type .pfx into IIS.

So what you need is to find a way to create this .pfx file.

Here we are going to deal this right here.

You can convert this using the SSLShopper converter (

Step 1:

Save the certificate and the private key shown above to a file on your local machine desktop.

For eg: Save the certificate to a file named certificate.cer and the private key to another file certificate.key

Now you have two files, a .cer file and a .key file.

Step 2:

Upload the certificate file to the SSLShopper converter.

Then choose the “Type of Current Certificate:” as Standard PEM.

Now some new options will be listed on the converter webpage.

Step 3:

Now upload the private key into the “Private Key File:”.

The chain certificate portions are optional only.

Step 4:

Choose the “Type To Convert To:” as PFX/PKCS#12

(we can only import only PFX files in IIS7)

Also leave the password filed empty if you don’t need to use a password.

Step 5:

Click “Convert”

Now you will get the converted .pfx file downloaded to your local machine. Then anyhow get this file onto the server running the required website to configure SSL.

Step 6:

Open the IIS admin console >> Navigate to Server certificates >> Click Import >> browse to the PFX file.

Leave the password filed empty as we didn’t used password in the certificate.

Click Ok, now you will find the newly imported certificate listed in the certificate list over there.

Step 7:

Now add a new binding for the website on 443.

So navigate to the website you want to assign SSL certificate,

IIS admin console >> Sites >> >> Bindings >> click Add >>

Select Type >> https

IP address >> All unassigned (or the IP address to use)

SSL certificate >> select the newly imported certificate.

Click OK.

Step 8:

Now check the correctness of the SSL please use any of the SSL checker.


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