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Is it Possible to manage one or more PHP in IIS ?


Answer is Yes, then how ?

Please follow the step below,

1) Go to IIS manager from Start >> Administartive Tools >> Internet Information Service Manager
2) Find the PHP manager from the Home pane.
3) Click on it and check whether the php manager is active or not
4) Under PHP setup go for upgrade or register new php version.

If it is not enable please follow the steps to enable the PHP manager

1) Register PHP with IIS;
2) Validate and properly configure existing PHP installations;
3) Run multiple PHP versions side by side on the same server and even within the same web site;
4) Check PHP runtime configuration and environment (output of phpinfo() function)
5) Configure various PHP settings
6) Enable or disable PHP extensions
7) Remotely manage PHP configuration in php.ini file

This will complete the installation of the PHP manager. Now you can add one or many PHP installations on IIS 7 and IIS 7.5 servers. 

Thank you  :) :)


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