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Author Topic: Error: DNSZone::Table::select() failed: no such row in the table  (Read 1597 times)

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Error: DNSZone::Table::select() failed: no such row in the table.

The issue most likely happens on Windows server when you add subdomain but receive error "Error: Invalid webmail type".

Because of error when adding subomain, the subdomain is broken and cannot be deleted.

There is subdomain record in Plesk but dns zone for subdomain is missing.

To rectify Invalid webmail error, you need to enable webmail in host plan setting.

To rectify broken subdomain that you cannot delete, please follow steps below.

Open command prompt window

+ Go to Plesk mysql folder:

cd %plesk_dir%\Mysql\bin

+ Log in mysql with Plesk administrator password

mysql -uadmin -p -P 8306 psa

+ SQL query to find broken subdomain record

SELECT FROM domains LEFT JOIN dns_zone ON domains.dns_zone_id = WHERE IS NULL;

+ SQL query to compare dns_zone_id in table 'domains' and 'dns_zone'

select dns_zone_id,name from domains where name LIKE '%broken-subdomain%';

select id,name from dns_zone where name LIKE '%broken-subdomain%';

+ SQL query to add broken subdomain record in dns_zone table. Replace value of ID with dns-zone-id of subdomain found in previous query.

INSERT INTO dns_zone SET id=dns-zone-id, name='', displayName='', email='';

Done. You should be able to delete subdomain in Plesk now.