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Author Topic: Error: Unable to update FTP account: ftpmng –add-user failed - plesk  (Read 2043 times)

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Sometime while creating Additional FTP account or Updating Domain user it shows following Error

Error: Unable to update FTP account: Unable to create web user: Update FTP user failed:
ftpmng --add-user failed: Empty error message from utility.

This problem comes when .Security file of the domain get corrupted. This file can be found at OR OR in the domain home directory. Rename the file to OLD.Security and run following command:

C:ParallelsPleskadminbin>websrvmng.exe --reconfigure-vhost
C:> "%plesk_bin%ftpmng.exe" --reconfigure-vhost

Above command will create a new .Security file based on the Plesk Database and then try to create new FTP user or try to update domain user.