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Author Topic: Reset Plesk Admin Password Using Command Prompt: Plesk Windows  (Read 2858 times)

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Plesk Windows Root Password can also be retrieved and reset with the help of the plesksrvclient binary located in the %plesk_bin% directory.

Open your Windows Command Prompt and type the following command and hit the Enter button:

Code: [Select]
    cd %plesk_bin%
It will enter in to the directory where the Plesk’s Bin folder is located.

In order to get the existing root password, enter:

Code: [Select]
    plesksrvclient.exe -get
It will show the existing password on a popup window. To copy it on clipboard click the Ok button.

To set a new password, enter above command without “-get”:

Code: [Select]
plesksrvclient.exe <NEWPASS>
It will enable you to insert a new desired password for your Plesk Admin login.