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Title: Unable to login after customer unsuspending
Post by: jominj on February 04, 2014, 09:26:55 pm
After Plesk Billing user was unsuspended it could not log in to the Plesk Panel or Plesk Billing panel.

This issue will be due to Value 'client_active' of this customer in 'billing' database remained equal to '0'.

To solve this issue follow the below steps:
1. Change password and try to log in with the new password.
2. Check records in 'billing' database for this customer.
Code: [Select]
select cl.client_id, cl.client_status, cl.client_active, cl.sync_status, cont.contact_username, cont.contact_password from clients cl inner join client_contacts cont on (cl.client_id=cont.client_id) where cont.contact_username="user";

client_status = 0 (customer is not suspended, canceled or archived)
3. In order to enable customer and allow him log in to the Billing and Plesk panels the value 'client_active' should be set to '1'.