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Prevent the execution of malicious scripts from power shell.



How is PowerShell's Remote Signed execution policy different from AllSigned

To prevent the execution of malicious scripts, PowerShell enforces an execution policy. By default, the execution policy is set to Restricted, which means that PowerShell scripts will not run. You can determine the current execution policy by using the following cmdlet: Get-ExecutionPolicy

The execution policies you can use are:

Restricted - Scripts won’t run.
RemoteSigned - Scripts created locally will run, but those downloaded from the Internet will not (unless they are digitally signed by a trusted publisher).
AllSigned - Scripts will run only if they have been signed by a trusted publisher.
Unrestricted - Scripts will run regardless of where they have come from and whether they are signed.

You can set PowerShell’s execution policy by using the following cmdlet:
Set-ExecutionPolicy <policy name>


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