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Maldet Realtime Monitoring shows "no inotify process found"


Manu M:
Maldet is a very good malware scanner for linux. Maldet comes with a feature called Realtime Monitoring, where you can monitor directories in your system. Maldet uses inotify for this purpose. To start Realtime monitoring you can execute the command

--- Code: ---maldet -m /path/to/directory
--- End code ---

However  it is noted that in some servers when you try Realtime Monitoring, it gives you following error

--- Quote ---no inotify process found, check /usr/local/maldetect/inotify/inotify_log for errors.
--- End quote ---

To solve this you have to add a softlink for inotifywait

--- Code: ---ln -s /usr/bin/inotifywait /usr/local/maldetect/inotify/inotifywait
--- End code ---

Now run the monitoring command and you can see it working.

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