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Fix for VZPP loop issue


Hi Guts,

This is a very common issue with VZPP. When you try to login to VZPP control panel, it will accept your credentials but will keep looping.

We can fix this by doing the steps given below.

Open - c:\vz\private\1\root\Program Files\SWsoft\vzcp\etc\pp\menu.xml

Now remove the following lines from it.

<item href="$baseurl/panel/plesk" icon="plesk" tip="plesk_screen" cred="plesk_control_panel" cond="$layout != 'plesk-integrated'" svps="deny">

<title>Plesk Control Panel</title>

<screen id="xx.xx.xx.xx"></screen>


Now save the file.

That's it! Now you will be able to login to VZPP without any issue.


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