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How to fix Host Not Responding issue in SCVMM


Sometimes SCVMM will show status of all running VMs in a cluster as Host Not Responding.
Due to this we will not be able to access the VPS publicly.

For an individual VM, this can be fixed by performing the following steps
1) Identify the VM's Node. This will be shown below Host field in SCVMM.

2) Run virtmgmt.msc. This will open the Hyper-V Manager.

3) Goto Action -> Connect to Server... -> Another computer:
Type the name of corresponding Node and click OK. All the VMs in that Node will be listed. Restart the required VM.
This will also change the status of that VM in SCVMM to Running.

If we want to fix this this for all VMs, perform the following steps
1) From SCVMM, open Powershell. This will load Powershell with all the required modules.

2) Execute the following command. It will list the details of all available Clusters. Note the value of variable ClusterName. In our case the value was myHVC1.

--- Code: ---PS > Get-SCVMHostCluster
--- End code ---

3) Following command will give us a list of connected Virtual Networks. In our case myhvc1n14 was missing.

--- Code: ---PS > Get-SCVirtualNetwork | Sort logicalnetworks | ft name, logicalnetworks, vmhost
--- End code ---

4) Restart the required services in myhvc1n14.
=>  Run -> services.msc. This will open up Services.

=> Goto -> Connect to another computer... -> Another computer:
Type myhvc1n14 and click OK. This will list all services in that node. Restart the following services.
 - Windows Management Instrumentation
 - Windows Remote Management (WS-Management)
 - System Center Virtual Machine Manager

Restarting System Center Virtual Machine Manager service will stop the following dependent services. So make sure to start them soon after.
 - System Center Virtual Machine Manager Agent
 - Hyper-V Virtual machine Management
 - User Access Logging Service
 - SnapDrive
 - IP Helper

=> Next time services.msc starts, it will still connect to myhvc1n14. So make sure to revert the changes.
Goto -> Connect to another computer... -> Local computer: and click OK.

5) Restarting the above service will also restart other depending services on the node. So we must refresh all the VMs.
As the VMs are showing Unsupported Cluster Configuration, they must be forcefully refreshed.

--- Code: ---PS > Get-SCVirtualMachine | where {$_.StatusString -eq 'Unsupported Cluster Configuration'}| Read-SCVirtualMachine -Force
--- End code ---

6) All VMs will be refreshed individually. So we will see the status of them changing one by one. This will take some time.

7) Done.


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