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Author Topic: Setting up mail users in Webmin (Dovecot & Postfix)  (Read 13282 times)

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Setting up mail users in Webmin (Dovecot & Postfix)
« on: November 23, 2013, 11:12:36 am »
Steps to add a Linux user for a new Email Account and how to set it up using the Webmin Interface.

1. Add a Webmin user. By going to System > Users and Groups. Then click create a new user at the bottom of the listing of users. Save and move to next step.

2. Now that you have the user and new password created, you are ready to setup the new user mailbox on the server. You now want to go over to Servers > Postfix Mail Server. Now in order to use your new user as an outgoing email you must next click on the icon labeled “Virtual Domains” then.. Next simply go to “Add New Mapping”.
(NOTE: To make a Catchall Account in the Name: just use the as the first part and direct it to a user account as shown. This will direct all emails not already declared to this user mailbox).
Save and move to next step

3. Now we are ready to setup our new account in our pop3 or imap email account in our favorite email program.

4. Now we want to change some settings after this so now go to Tools > Account Settings… > Server Settings and update with the same settings formats. Make sure you have STARTTLS and Normal Password selected.

5. Now Finally go to Outgoing Server (SMTP) on the left hand side for the SMTP settings, then select your new server and click “Edit”. Here just do the same thing and make sure that you have “STARTTLS” and “Normal Password” selected again.

Cheers !!!  8)