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To restrict the databases that each user can see and use - Usermin



By default the module will list all of the databases on your system on the main page, even if some are not actually usable by the logged-in user. To change this, follow these steps :

        Login to Webmin on the same server, and enter the Usermin Configuration module.
        Click on Usermin Module Configuration.
        Click on MySQL Database in the list.
        In the Database access control list field, remove the existing *: * line and enter one line per user, containing the username, a colon and list of databases he is allowed to use. For example, you could enter :jcameron: database1

fred: database2 database3

joe: *

A * in the database column means all databases, while a * in the username column means any user not listed so far.

        Hit the Save button to activate the restrictions.


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