Linux Malware Detect Manager (Plesk) – v2.0.0 released

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Linux Malware Detect Manager (Plesk) – v2.0.0 released

Admin-Ahead Server Technologies is pleased to announce the release of our latest version of LMD Manager (Plesk) – v2.0.0. The major highlight being the compatibility with the latest Plesk Onyx 17.8 version, the extension also supports scanning of all types of files including files under root ownership.

LMD Manager (Plesk) extension provides you a simple and easy GUI to scan your server for malwares. The major features include:

* Install and configure latest Linux Malware Detect on your server.
* Scan user account home directories or any custom directories and get notifications via mail when infection is detected.
* Monitor multiple domains or specific directories like /var/tmp or /dev/shm for infections.

Automatically quarantine and clean infected files from the scanned directories
* Ability to view scan reports and restore false positives files.
* Ability to scan files owned by root.

ChangeLog v2.0.0

* Latest Plesk support (17.8).
* Enhanced user interface.
* Enable or disable mail notifications.
* Enable root owned file scan from settings.
* Easy quarantine and file restore option in reports page.
* Available for Plesk versions 12.5 and above.

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