Admin-Ahead APF Parallels Plesk Extension / Module

And we are back as promised with another extension for Parallels Plesk. This time, it is a GUI to manage the APF firewall from inside Parallels Plesk, the A-AST APF Parallels Plesk Extension / Module. We know that Plesk has its own Firewall module, but something like APF will definitely make your life easier when it comes to firewall management. Every Install of our Plugin will load a custom ruleset to your firewall that you can manage from inside your Plesk Panel.


Start / Stop Firewall.
List Firewall Rules.
Firewall Log.
Refresh Firewall.
Edit Firewall Configuration.
View Firewall Configuration.
Allow / Deny Ips instantly.
List Allowed / List Denied Ips.
List Inbound TCP / UDP Ports.
List Outbound TCP / UDP Ports.
Edit Inbound /Outbound TCP / UDP Ports.

Version 1.0.2

Minor Bug fixes

Version 1.1.6

Minor Bug fixes.

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