Admin-Ahead Plesk Bulk Password Changer

Server administrators come across multiple scenarios, like spamming/hacking attacks, server/account migrations etc., where a quick password reset of one or several or all accounts in a Plesk server becomes necessary. This becomes even more complicated with the myriad account types available in Plesk – customers, email users, FTP users, webusers, auxiliary users, MySQL users and additional administrator accounts. It is here that the Admin-Ahead Bulk Password Changer comes to your aide as a one stop solution to all your password changing needs. The extension allows you to reset the passwords of multiple accounts belonging to all the account types in your Plesk server in one go, without having to navigate between multiple pages.


Ability to reset the passwords of all or selected accounts under the following categories:

Email accounts
FTP users
Auxiliary Accounts
MySQL users
Additional administrator accounts

Option to allow the extension to generate and use the same password for each account being reset.
Option to randomly generate and use different passwords for each account being reset.
Option to provide a specific password that will be used for all accounts being reset.
Option to upload username and passwords for reset from a file.

Version 1.0.3

Minor Bug fixes

Version 1.3.5

FTP accounts display issue.
Minor Bug Fixes.

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