Compatibilities and Dependencies

Supported OS  :

Centos 6 & 7 , RHEL 6 &7

Supported cPanel versions :

WHM 11.38 and above

Dependencies :

1) Ioncube loader

* Ioncube loader should be enabled in cPanel for the plugin to work.
To enable this : cPanel >> Tweak Settings >> PHP >> ioncube Loader

2) Accesshash for API authentication

Setting up the AccessHash

    > Login to your server via SSH, and execute the following command
       # cat /root/.accesshash

    *  If it returned a long string, you're good to go and continue to use the plugin.
    *  If it returned "cat: /root/.accesshash: No such file or directory", you need to generate an access key.

    > Follow the steps mentioned below to generate an access key :

    * Login to WHM as root, and type "cluster" in the search box, and choose "Remote Access Key" from the search result.
    * Now you should be presented with an Access Key for user.
    * In the SSH console check if the file exists by running the below command again

       # cat /root/.accesshash

Common issue: Certificate renewal/enabling failing 

1)  Symlink Protection

Disable if Symlink Protection is enabled 

Home »Service Configuration »Apache Configuration »Global Configuration

Symlink Protection set to Off

2) Using .htaccess for rewrite rule

If you are using .htaccess for RewriteRule please add below line at the top of the file

RewriteRule ^.well-known - [L]

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