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Click on the lock button of individual domains to sign specific one or you can select multiple domains and choose the action on the dropdown menu then click the submit button to perform the bulk action. The sign status can be seen in the status column with a timestamp, once the signing is complete you can see the DS record by clicking on the clipboard icon on actions column. If Slave DNS Manager is installed the signed domain zones are pushed to the slave servers configured with it.


Select the signed domains to be unsigned and click on the unsign (open lock) button. Once completed the status column will be updated to Not signed. If Slave DNS Manager extension is already installed the domains are unsigned from the slave servers also.

You can see different actions on the actions column after signing is completed

  • The globe icon is used to view KSK and ZSK records.
  • The clipboard icon is used to view the DS record of a particular domain.
  • Unlock icon is used to unsign the domain zone from DNSSEC.
  • The refresh button is used to resign the individual domain.

Note: each resigning process will change the DS records as well.


Some different algorithms that are used to generate the private keys are listed under this tab. Select the appropriate algorithm required. Please make sure that the registrar supports whichever algorithm you select.

You can provide the E-mail address to get the monthly resigning status report via mail. 

NOTE: If the Slave DNS Manager extension is installed in the server the new signing process will also refresh the records.

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