4. How to install Linux Malware Detect Manager (cPanel)

Install Linux Malware Detect Manager (cPanel) 

* Login to your remote cPanel server via SSH. Change to the installation directory.

* Download Linux Malware Detect Manager (cPanel) 

 wget http://rep0.admin-ahead.com/sources/cpanel-plugins/lmd-manager/lmd-manager-installer-v3.0.0.sh

* Set execution permission

   chmod +x lmd-manager-installer-v3.0.0.sh

* Run the installer and follow onscreen instructions


Setup License

* Login to your client area ( https://admin-ahead.com/portal/clientarea.php )

* Find the product and get the license key

* Login to your WHM ( https://<your_server_ip>:2087/ )

* Navigate to plugin section and click on Linux Malware Detect Manager (cPanel)

* Enter your license key and submit


Need support for Linux Malware Detect Manager (cPanel) Installation?

Click  here to open a ticket with us and we can help you with the installation. 


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