How to use DNSSEC Manager Cluster Edition (cPanel)

DNSSEC Manager Cluster Edition (cPanel) v2.1 Home consist of the following :

* Listeners
* Settings
* Re-sign
* Sign Log
* Cluster Status
* Stop Tracker

The DNSSEC v2.1 plugin interface consist of list of all domains. The status of signing is shown in the plugin interface.

To Add/Remove Listener IP:

  • Click on 'Listeners” button.
  • Click on Add listener button and enter the listener IP and click SAVE button. The Listener IP list can be viewed.
  • To remove a listener, click on Remove listener button and click on the check box of the corresponding IP and click Remove button.

To set algorithm, timeout :

  • You can select the algorithm from any of three. RSA/SHA256 will be selected as the default algorithm. Select the algorithm but clicking the radio button and click on SAVE button.
  • Connection time out value is set as 60 seconds as default. Enter the timeout value in the text field and click on SAVE button.
  • Click on SHOW KEY and enter this key while installing the Listener server.

To Sign/Unsign the zone:

  • In Home page, select the zones to be signed using the checkbox and click on Sign button.
  • You will get a message as “ Added the following domains to sign”.
  • Click on HOME. You can see the status as “Signed!”. Click on DS record to view the DS record for the zone.
  • After signing the zone add the DS record to the  Registrar.

To view the signed zones:

  • Click on Sign Log. You can see zone names with signing start time and Status.

To Re-sign the zones :

  • Click on Re-sign button.
  • Select the zone by selecting the checkbox and click Re-sign button. This will resign the signed zones.

To check the cluster status :

  • Click on Cluster Status button to view the transfer status of zones. The list shows the zone names, whether they are signed or unsigned and transfer status. If the transfer is complete, “Transferred” status will be shown and “Transfer Pending” for the pending zones.

To stop tracker:

  • Click on Stop Tracker button to stop the tracker running.
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