Getting started with Admin-Ahead gDNS cluster

Admin-Ahead gDNS cluster is an advanced DNS clustering solution that allows you to have the DNS solution you always wanted.
Integrating different platforms/control panels into one place.

This article is a collection of different articles logically ordered so that the end user
can get a clear idea of gDNS easily.

1. An Overview of different terms used in gDNS

Once you have a clear idea about different terms used in gDNS, we can move on to different
clustering possibilities.

2. Overview of Different editions of gDNS

3. gDNS Clustering possibilites

Now that you have picked an ideal scenario for your DNS setup, let us move forward with the
supported operating systems

4. Supported operating systems and control panels

The following link leads you to information regarding how to install different components
of gDNS cluster

5. Setup your cluster using gDNS

6. Product Preview

The video walks you  through the gDNS Controller Interface


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