Overview of Admin-Ahead gDNS Cluster

gDNS Transfer server
Transfer servers are webservers where the domains are used. There are 4 different types of transfer
servers supported by gDNS.

  1. cPanel 11.38+
  2. Plesk 17.0+ Windows
  3. Plesk 17.0+ Linux
  4.  DirectAdmin 1.58+

The DNS zones are pushed from the transfer server to the controller

Transfer Cluster
The cluster of all the transfer servers is termed the transfer cluster.
This can include any number of cPanel/Plesk/DirectAdmin servers.

gDNS Controller
This is the core of the gDNS cluster. It receives the DNS updates from the transfer servers,
All the zones are signed by default. You can make use of DNSSEC if you want. All you have to do is
take the DS record from the controller interface and update it at your domain registrar's end.
gDNS controller pushes updates received from the transfer servers to the Edge servers.

Failover controller
Failover controller works almost similar to the main controller. In case the main controller goes down,
the failover controller can still receive updates from the transfer servers, and push the updates to the
edge servers. When the main controller gets back online, the failover controller will update the main
controller with all the latest updates.

Edge Server
Edge servers receives DNS updates from the controller, and it can be used for additional DNS
redundancy. Edge servers only receives updates, they do not send anything to any other server
In case the controller goes down, the Edge servers will still be able to handle any DNS queries.

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