How to install gDNS Failover Controller

How to setup gDNS Failover Controller

To install the gDNS failover controller follow the instructions below:


 * Do a system update/upgrade before starting the installation

 * CentOS

 # yum -y update

 # yum install wget -y

 * Ubuntu

 # apt -y update && apt -y upgrade

 # apt install wget -y


* Download gDNS Failover Controller installer

# wget

 * Set execution permission


* Before starting the installation, you should disable SELinux on your server machine by executing below command and reboot the server.

# sudo setenforce 0

# sed -i.bak '/SELINUX=/c\SELINUX=disabled' /etc/selinux/config

# shutdown -r now

# chmod +x

 * Run the installer and follow onscreen instructions


Then add the Failover on the Controller interface, this will activate replication of all DNS data from the Controller.

How to access the gDNS Failover Controller management interface?

gDNS controller can be accessed via https://<ip>/gdns-failover

Username: admin

Password: admin

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