How to install gDNS Edge server

How to setup gDNS Edge

To install the gDNS Edge follow the instructions below:


 * Do a system update/upgrade before starting the installation

 * CentOS

 # yum -y update

 # yum install wget -y

 * Ubuntu

 # apt -y update && apt -y upgrade

 # apt install wget


 * Download  gDNS Edge installer

# wget

* Before starting the installation, you should disable SELinux on your server machine by executing below command and reboot the server.

# sudo setenforce 0

# sed -i.bak '/SELINUX=/c\SELINUX=disabled' /etc/selinux/config

# shutdown -r now

 * Set execution permission

# chmod +x

 * Run the installer and follow the onscreen instructions

# ./

Post install instructions:

Add the Edge server IP on the Controller interface under the management cluster.  After sometimes all zone information will be automatically transferred to the Edge server.


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