How to install gDNS DirectAdmin Transfer server

Before going to install please check a PHP function has been enabled in DirectAdmin, check by executing the below command.

# grep disable_functions $(php --ini | grep Loaded | awk '{print $NF}') | grep -ic shell_exec


If the output is: 1 then execute the commands below.

# cp -p $(php --ini | grep Loaded | awk '{print $NF}'){,-$(date +%s)}

sed -i 's/shell_exec,//g' $(php --ini | grep Loaded | awk '{print $NF}')


Directly install from DirectAdmin Control Panel.

* Login to DirectAdmin panel ==> Click on Extra Features ==> Click on Plugin Manager

* Click on ADD button for adding our plugin.

* Here we have two options for installing the plugin:

1.  URL method

 Enter the public URL of the plugin:

2.  File method

Download the plugin from the public URL:

* We will now need to provide the DirectAdmin admin password for starting the installation.

* Wait for a few moments, once the installation completes successfully the gDNS Transfer Server plugin will list on the Plugin Manager page.

* Now we can access the plugin interface from Extra Features ==> gDNS Cluster (Transferserver).

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