File exists Invalid Key!!

The Error :  File exists Invalid Key!! 

Reason : The license is issued to install on a single server on a single ip on a single path. If any of these changes if you re-run the installer, then it will result in an error.

eg: You have a server named with an IP address and you are running the script from the path /usr/local/src ; once the script run is initiated, all these 3 values are locked and you can run the script again ONLY if all the 3 values remain the same. ie.. the path to run the script should be /usr/local/src ; the server should have the IP address and the hostname should be

If you think you have a genuine license and that you have not installed the software twice; try :

rm -rf /usr/local/ffmpeg /usr/src/ffmpeg

and then try installer again. It will ask you for a key again and once you input it, the installer should proceed.

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