Admin-Ahead Arch for Apache cPanel Plugin



The Admin-Ahead Arch for Apache cPanel Plugin allows web hosts to gain in-depth knowledge about the performance of their Apache web servers and plan future hardware and software scalability requirements, as well as find bottlenecks and unusual activity that may be hindering the smooth running of Apache. It provides a wide array of graphs and CPU usage history that will act as aids in properly identifying tuning parameters and optimization options for Apache.

Notice : This product has been discontinued as of 3rd January, 2018 from our product list. Any further development and all related support services would also be discontinued. You can however continue to use this product, and any related support services would come under our per hour administrative charge of $25 (USD).

Main Features

Monitors the following Apache metrics and represents each metrics in a comprehensible graph.

-Busy workers.
-idle workers.
-Total traffic.
-Bytes per request.
-Requests per second.
-Bytes per second.
-Total Accesses.

Easily optimize Apache configuration using the graphs.

Time interval in the graph can be adjusted from hours to years.

Shows total CPU usage in seconds.

Shows top 10 VirtualHosts with highest CPU usage.

Easily identify bandwidth hogging domains.

Feature to closely monitor a single domain and easily find the resource hungry URLs.