Admin-Ahead Django Hosting plugin

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The Admin-Ahead Django Hosting plugin provides web hosts the capability to incorporate the ability to host Django applications in cPanel/WHM servers. The plugin comes with the option to setup multiple python and django versions simultaneously, as well as the ability to provide virtual python environments for each account holder giving them the ability to control python module installation at the user level, instead of server-wide or administrator intervention.

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Main Features

Supports installation and setup of multiple Django versions with a single python version at a time.

Supports deployment of python virtual environments so that user's can install python modules (using pip) required for their application without affecting other users or without having to open support tickets.

Supports using mod_wsgi with Apache for handling django applications.

Additional python versions will be setup in their own custom location without affecting the default OS provided python version.

Option for users and administrators to select python and django version before deploying application.

Option to install python modules (using pip) from the plugins GUI (in WHM for server-wide installation and in cPanel for virtual environments).

Full overview of deployed django applications available to the server administrator in the WHM interface.

Last Update (V2.2.1)

-Minor Bug fixes
-cPanel Paper Lantern support.