Admin-Ahead RKHunter ISPmanager Plugin



Admin-Ahead's RKHunter interface is now ISPmanager ready. A control panel that has for long; defined comprehensiveness, user/resource friendliness, versatility and flexibility, Admin-Ahead RKHunter for ISPmanager elevates it in its stand for offering uncompromising security for its users.

Along with our support for the plugin 24/7, we stick with the promise we make, to give you security that is always one step ahead. Revolutionize your control panel experience with the power of ISPmanager equipped with RKHunter. Visit now.
  • Note: Now available for both ISPmanager Business and Lite Versions

Notice : This product has been discontinued as of 3rd January, 2018 from our product list. Any further development and all related support services would also be discontinued. You can however continue to use this product, and any related support services would come under our per hour administrative charge of $25 (USD).

Main Features

Installs RKHunter.

Daily Cron for automated scan.

Last log viewer.

Cron Log viewer.

Disable / Enable Cron.