cPDNSSEC Standard Edition for cPanel with PowerDNS



cPDNSSEC is the PowerDNS supported edition of Admin-Ahead's DNSSEC cPanel Plugin. With a WHM GUI for managing domain DNSSEC records, cPDNSSEC opens up an ease of access that is not yet present in the inbuilt DNSSEC solution. There is no more the need to run complicated commands and scripts and every single domain's key management is made the simplest and easy with the GUI offered by cPDNSSEC.
Additionally, this novel DNS Security Solution makes migration of the nameserver to the PowerDNS fully automatic and achievable in just a matter of clicks. The integration of registrar API also allows you to publish the DS records to multiple registrars from the plugin interface itself. cPDNSSEC becomes the best answer for Webhosts who provides domain registration and need DNSSEC.
With an established compatibility with PowerDNS which eliminates the need to manually re-sign (as opposed to BIND), cPDNSSEC support all standardized DNSSEC algorithms.

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Notice : This product has been discontinued as of 3rd January, 2018 from our product list. Any further development and all related support services would also be discontinued. You can however continue to use this product, and any related support services would come under our per hour administrative charge of $25 (USD).

Main Features

Migration of nameserver to PowerDNS

All DNSSEC algorithms supported

Sign/Un-sign a single zone.

Sign/Un-sign multiple zones.

Automatically re-signs zones when changes are detected.

Automatically re-sign every zones periodically before it expires.

View of all records for the individual domains

One click DS record publishing to Domain Registrar using the Registrar API Support.

Supported Registrars

- ​https://metaname.net
- https://dyn.com/
- https://www.ovh.com
- https://www.gkg.net/
- https://opensrs.com/
- https://akamai.com

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