cPProtect Backup – White Label (cPanel)


cPProtect Backup (cPanel),  Discontinued,  

Reseller friendly, Rebranding and customization options, Full / Incremental / Differential cPanel remote backups via FTP, rsync, SCP and SFTP

Backing up your cPanel Server gets easier with Admin-Ahead cPProtect. Making its mark as the only plugin that lets you take full/incremental/differential backups over ftp, rsync, sftp and scp, cPProtect enables features like full account restoration, single file restoration and single MySQL DB restoration, support for  Amazon S3 and compatibility with cPanel-Paper Lantern. Furthermore, rebranding and reselling the product is also something you can do now. With multiple feature requests for a white labelled version of Admin-Ahead's cPProtect, we have created for you; this cPProtect white labelled solution, which is free from Admin-Ahead logos and advertisements. You will be able to upload your own custom logo from the interface. Upgrading to the white labelled version is easier if you are already use Admin-Ahead cPProtect.

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Notice : This product has been discontinued as of 3rd January, 2018 from our product list. Any further development and all related support services would also be discontinued. You can however continue to use this product, and any related support services would come under our per hour administrative charge of $25 (USD).

Main Features

Fully compatible with the latest version of cPanel.

Does not depend on cPanel native Backups.

Supports remote backups using FTP, SCP, rsync and SFTP.

Supports incremental and differential backups to local as well as remote locations.x

Incremental and differential backups taken in traditional way, so only modified files will be backed up. Hence space requirement will be less and all modifications will be available for the retention period specified.

Full account restoration, single file restoration and single MySQL DB restoration possible from plugin itself.

Backup/restore history available.

Different backup types and days can be set for different accounts.

In-built backup compression using pigz. Achieve 40 to 90 percent space reduction at 3 times the speed of gzip compression.

Support Full Server / Reseller / Individual Account Backups.

One-time backups to any predefined location- backup any time without interfering with the existing schedule.