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Admin-Ahead's cPShield-v2 is an extensive one-stop tool for cPanel security. This cPanel plugin comes with an exclusive license for use in Virtual Servers and Dedicated servers. Along with the GUI to manage Linux Malware Detect(LMD), RKHunter, Advanced Policy Firewall(APF) and Brute Force Detection (BFD) cPShield-v2 brings you Malware scanning, monitoring and quarantining, Mail queue monitoring and management, SSH Hardening, IP reputation check and essential server statistics with email alert notifications. Link: KnowledgeBase Link: Free Trial
  • Note: This plugin is an easy "one install and use" plugin for which a refund would not be issued upon cancellation. You may consider using our Free Trial.

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Main Features

Track and learn about your server's performance directly from the dashboard of your cPShield-v2 with options to collect current, weekly and monthly server load and split based on each day's performance.

Obtain a complete summary of Server Load, Mail Count, Reputation Status and Malware infections on your summary page.

With the GUI enabled RKHunter, you can scan for rootkits or for possible vulnerabilities separately, view recent scan logs and reports of daily scan. Once again you can set email alerts.

cPShield-v2 gives you a GUI to manage APF/BFD Firewall with features like add rules, update Firewall and restart, manage ports, turn firewall on and off and restart.

Without logging into the server, the interface allows you to harden your SSH server, disable root login and create sudo user, change SSH port and set alerts for root login.

View and check the reputation status of the IP addresses within your server and all domains hosted within.

System Info gives statistics like Uptime, users logged in, WHM and SSH access log and CPU load.

Keep control over spamming with Mail queue monitoring, management and detailed statistics. View details of mails in queue and remove selected emails easily using the interface. Frozen mails can be viewed and cleared as well. 18 elaborate statistics along with List of errors help you to view and learn about your mail server health. There are also options to monitor mail queue and set email alerts at an interval of your choice.

An extensive Malware Scanning Option with features like Scanning all users and custom directories, Monitoring all cPanel user accounts, specific ones or customer directories at monitoring intervals that you set. Specific directories and file extensions can be exempted from scanning. You can also view the last 5 Scanning and Quarantined reports, set email alerts for completed scans or when malware is detected.