(D)DoS Mitigator (cPanel)


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(D)DoS Deflate is a light weight option that aides in mitigating (D)DoS attacks automatically. The mitigator listener runs in the background and blocks IP addresses from which connections exceed the configured threshold. The Admin-Ahead DDoS mitigator plugin for cPanel/WHM provides an easy way to install and a GUI to configure this tool. Our plugin provides the following features making it easier for you to install and manage the tool: Link: Knowledge Base Link: Free Trail

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- Price Per Month
- Read Admin-Ahead End User Agreement.

Main Features

Installs mitigator listener.

Automatically detects and configures mitigator to use APF/CSF if present, else IPtables is used.

The GUI comes with the following options:

-Change temporary IP block time (default is 30 mins).
-Change script running frequency.
-Whiltelist IPs.
-Change email address to which IP ban alerts are sent (set to WHM contact email address by default).
-View temporarily blocked IP addresses.
-View history of banned IP addresses.
-Permanently block IP from ban history.
-Ability to unban permanently banned IPs from IP history.

Last Update (1.1.0)

-Minor bug fixes
-Better IP parsing