Firewall Interface (Plesk)


Plesk Extensions,  

We are back as promised with another extension for Plesk. This time, it is a GUI to manage the APF/CSF firewall from inside Plesk, the Firewall Interface Extension. We know that Plesk has its own Firewall module, but something like APF/CSF will definitely make your life easier when it comes to firewall management. Every Install of our Plugin will load a custom ruleset to your firewall that you can manage from inside your Plesk Panel.

- Price Per Month - By clicking on the “Buy” button on this website, it is understood that you have read and understood Admin-Ahead End User Agreement.

- Price Per Month
- Read Admin-Ahead End User Agreement.

Main Features

Start / Stop Firewall.

List Firewall Rules.

Firewall Log.

Refresh Firewall.

Edit Firewall Configuration.

View Firewall Configuration.

Allow / Deny Ips instantly.

List Allowed / List Denied Ips.

List Inbound TCP / UDP Ports.

List Outbound TCP / UDP Ports.

Edit Inbound /Outbound TCP / UDP Ports.

Supported OS

Centos 6 & above , RHEL 6 & above , Ubuntu 14 & above

Supported Plesk Versions

Plesk 12.5 and above.

Latest Update (2.0.0)
  • Interface to support CSF/APF.
  • Added functions to add, edit, delete the rules of the respective firewall.
  • Added functions for multiple deletion of rules of the respective firewall.
  • Added functions to edit the configuration file from the interface.
  • Inbound and Outbound TCP/UDP rules was added to the interface.
  • Added the function to start and stop the firewall.
  • Latest Plesk support (17.8).