RKHunter Interface (Plesk)


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RKHunter Interface for Plesk gives you the opportunity to harness the complete power of rkhunter (Rootkit Hunter) on Plesk Servers. This interface scans backdoors, rootkits, malicious files and local exploits on your servers that are sometimes left undetected by web-application firewalls and the like. RKHunter Interface for Plesk scans and detects:
  • hidden files
  • wrong permissions set on binaries
  • outdated software
  • suspicious strings in the kernel
and a lot more, and thus helps you keep your server up-to-date. This security extension gives you the ability to:
  • Install and run rkhunter within your Plesk Admin Panel
  • Customize rkhunter scans
  • Manage and view rkhunter scan reports

The “Full Scan” displays the report of the entire scan while “Warning only Scan” shows only the warnings that the scan reports. This saves you considerable time, and provides you the needed information to help you resolve the reported security issues. You have the option to automatically scan your server daily. Whenever you want to, you can also run a manual scan from the interface . After a scan is complete, you will receive an email notification. The interface saves scan reports for future reference. If you want to save space and not have to manually delete the scan reports, you can enable Log Retention and specify custom values of the number of reports you want to retain. By default a maximum of 60 scan reports will be saved on the server when you enable Log Retention. rkhunter checks your server against a database of known rootkits. Thus, it is necessary to update the rkhunter signatures once in a while. Hence, whenever an update is available, this RKHunter Interface for Plesk prompts you for action. You can install and upgrade to the latest version of rkhunter and its signatures from within this interface. RKHunter Interface for Plesk is available in your Plesk Extension Catalog, and you can install it with just a simple click.    

- Price Per Month - By clicking on the “Buy” button on this website, it is understood that you have read and understood Admin-Ahead End User Agreement.

- Price Per Month
- Read Admin-Ahead End User Agreement.

Main Features

Install RKHunter.

Automatic Daily Scan

Customize Log Retention

Email Notifications

Run Manual Scans with Full Scan/Warning only Reports

Update RKHunter/Signatures

Recent & Daily Scan Logs

Supported OS

Centos 6 & above , RHEL 6 & above , Ubuntu 14 & above

Supported Plesk Versions

Plesk Onyx 17+.

Last Update (2.1-1)

Change log :

  • Minor bug fixes.
  • By URL has been updated.
  • ISV integration.
  • Updated user interface.
  • Improved WHMCS license validation.
  • Optimized UI and back-end.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Minimum Plesk version supported is now 17.0.